As Confero is an open access journal, this means that anyone who can access the Internet can freely download and read the journal. There are no commercial interests for Link√∂ping University Electronic Press or Confero in publishing the journal.

The core idea of open access is that copyright remains with the author(s). However, we publish with the agreement of the author that if she or he decides later to publish the article elsewhere, that the publisher will be notified, prior to any acceptance, that the article has already been published by Confero.

When publishing with Confero, authors are free to archive the published copy-edited version of the article at any web page (for example, on their own website or an institutional website).

As evident by the markers on our homepage, articles published in Confero falls under the Creative Commons licence abbreviated CC BY 4.0. This means that we allow others to use, spread and elaborate on the published articles, as long as they acknowledge who published it and where it was originally published.