Aims & Scope

Confero: Essays on Education, Philosophy and Politics is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal on issues related to education. The journal provides a space for essayistic writing and social critique in this area, and particularly welcomes philosophical and political contributions.

In recent years we have witnessed the appearance of an economy of publications, transforming research into fixed frames and specific modes of expression. Out of these circumstances, Confero grew as a collective endeavour to open up a space for articles that are not only stringent and systematic, but also beautiful, esoteric and profound. The journal thus challenges the mainstream reliance on form and structure to guarantee validity in social scientific writing, believing it may obstruct originality and creativity. Confero publishes essays of high quality, understood in terms of consistency, persuasiveness, rich and thick descriptions and reflexivity.

Confero is an open access journal, available for free to people engaged in social science research as well as a wider intellectual public. To be accepted for publication, the essay can be written from a wide range of theoretical perspectives including (but not limited to) branches of critical theory, feminism, Marxism, post-colonial critique, post-structuralism, structuralism, and psychoanalysis. The journal welcomes a broad range of empirical sources used to explore the issue or phenomenon at hand: unconventional sources such as art works, literature, movies as well as conventional empirical material like interviews and ethnographies. Confero publishes essays related to education and social critique written from various academic traditions, for example anthropology, literature, history, political science, psychology and sociology.